Our Mission

Our Mission:

Camp Wightman Camping and Conference Center (Camp Wightman, named after a missionary from the 1700s) is a year-round non-profit outdoor ministry that promotes and inspires life-long development for children, adults, and families through programs and experiences by enhancing the spiritual, physical, social, and mental well-being of each individual. Camp Wightman achieves this through a broad range of experiences that serve a community rich in religious, racial, ethnic, and economic diversity.


Camp Wightman serves churches and other faith-based organizations, families (including campers), nonprofit groups, and educational organizations.


Our Core Values: Community, Personal Growth and Development, Quality Relationships and Excellence:

These values guide Camp Wightman’s decisions, activities, actions, and expectations in all that we do.  Each one is connected and related to the other in an intricate web that ultimately creates Camp Wightman.



The Camp Wightman community is founded on Christian values, including trust, honesty, respect, humility, responsibility, and compassion/care. We celebrate the uniqueness that each individual brings with them but also appreciate the similarities that we have.

Specific to Camp Wightman’s summer camp program:  With the help of generous donors (Campership Donations), Camp Wightman strives to provide every camper the opportunity to experience a life-changing week at Camp Wightman regardless of economic difficulty.

Personal Growth and Development

Since 1953, Camp Wightman has been known as a place of spiritual growth and life-long learning. Camp Wightman provides opportunities to reflect upon who we are as individuals at our core, building confidence and self-respect.

Quality Relationships

Experiences enjoyed at Camp Wightman foster relationships based on honesty and a deep sense of caring.  As a result, campers, retreat participants, staff, and volunteers develop meaningful relationships…some that last a lifetime.


Camp Wightman staff bring a great deal of knowledge, expertise, and commitment to enhance the experience for all. Camp Wightman has high standards and encourages campers, retreat participants, and staff to demonstrate the same.


Distinctive Characteristics:

We lead with our core values applied to every aspect of our ministry

We seek out opportunities to serve under-resourced and marginalized communities

We provide the opportunity for a small, temporary community in an outdoor setting

We provide intentional, experiential learning experiences

We provide warm hospitality

We lead with “out of the box thinking” and strive to include

We serve campers and retreat participants unconditionally

    Intergenerational relationships are a natural result of longevity of our staff and volunteers



Camp Wightman does not discriminate against age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, gender, religion, or disability. We welcome all persons into our Christian community, including equal participation in the life and ministries of Camp Wightman.